FS - Yamaha RC Tom 14X14 - Made in Japan

Dan Felix

Oct 14, 2016
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Yamaha 14 X 14 Recording Custom Tom - Cherrywood

**DRUM ONLY** no legs included

$520 USD ($700 AUD) plus shipping from Oz

Made in Japan. Circa 2010/11 This drum is in immaculate condition and would suit a drum connoisseur.

This tom was part of an RC kit I purchased brand new about 6 years ago.

This drum has been kept in a protector case; there is no pitting and the hoops and lugs look like new.

I have used this in the studio and the odd jazz gig. Nobody has ever touched this drum but me.

Selling reluctantly because I prefer a 16 on the floor (and a 14 on the rack)

Yamaha Recording Custom drums have a stellar pedigree and are still the finest birch drums ever made. They have been played by all the great players and have been recorded more than any other drum brand since the 1980s. An industry classic.

Happy to post local in Australia or to North America & Europe - but please contact me first for freight cost

Don't hesitate to PM me for more information.