GAVE UP LOOKING - Ludwig lugs for.......Ludwig lugs!


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Feb 16, 2016
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Pebble Beach, CA
Hello, I have 32 vintage small classic chrome lugs and I need......32 vintage small classic chrome lugs! The ones I have are all original and in good shape, all are intact with springs and lug nuts (most have the original foam inserts) and all come with the longer (70's?) mount screws (some are hex heads/no screwdriver and some are hex heads/straight screwdriver, and all have washers ). The lug nuts do not extend past the lug top.

I need the same 32 lugs with: 1) the shorter (60's?) screws, 2) the ones with the lug nuts extending past the lugs.

Why? I have a drum already and I am adding drums so I bought more lugs, but these new lugs won't match and I think I bought the wrong ones!

I am hoping for an even trade, I am willing to cover your reasonable ship cost to me and/or add to the deal on my end if needed.

I have a project that is now stuck until I can get the right lugs....thanks so much!

The lugs I have are left and I need right. The screws I have are left and I need the right ones.

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