George Thorogood on meeting Charlie Watts


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Feb 16, 2016
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Pebble Beach, CA
I read a story on Yahoo about George Thorogood who is playing in Florida tonite(?) on his latest tour. I just missed them here in Monterey and I'm bummed out about that. I just couldn't get there but that would have been a sweet show. Anyway, one of the interview questions was about Charlie Watts:

Q: The year before that show, you and the Destroyers opened for the Rolling Stones. Of course, Charlie Watts sadly passed away earlier this year. Do you have any memories of Watts from your time performing with him?

A: How about this one; you ready? I was fortunate enough to meet the Rolling Stones before I ever saw them play. How do you like that? The first thing one of the Rolling Stones said to me, the very first thing, was one of the Rolling Stones walked up to me with my album and said, “George, may I have your autograph?” And it was Charlie Watts. Can you top that rock and roll story? I don’t think so!


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Aug 6, 2005
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Cincinnati,OH U.S.A.
GT has quite the ego...he told a tale a few times of Jeff Beck coming to see him play as if GT is SO GOOD that Beck had to check him out.
He's a clown...I've been around him twice as I was on the road with a current Destroyer band member in the 80's thus my access...
Thorogood is to the blues as Yoko Ono is to singing...
Sorry...carry on...RIP Charlie Watts


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Aug 4, 2005
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Oklur Homer
When I saw George open for the stones during their Tattoo You tour he ran to the very front of the stage for one of his lengthy slide guitar solos and it yanked his 15' curly guitar cable right out of his amplifier! Haha. He just kept right on playing.
A roadie finally noticed this and plugged it back in midway thru the solo, yikes!

To me it was hilarious but I don't think George was even aware that he'd just played most of his guitar solo completely unplugged.
He struck me as a kind of doofuss to be honest, I mean who runs around using a 15 foot curly guitar cable on a giant outdoor concert stage like that without any awareness of how far it has the ability to stretch? Lol


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Nov 30, 2021
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Sanford FL
I met and hung with George for a few days when Bad To The Bone was out, and he does have a huge ego but he's a nice guy. He figured out a way to be successful and keep doing it for decades, and that ain't easy, so I'm down with the guy.