Gibraltar hardware backpack?


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Oct 16, 2008
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Portland, OR
It’s really well designed in terms of size, shape, zippers, straps. It’s comfortable to use even when packed full. The top lid unzips so you can have longer hardware sticking out.

I’d fit in the basics: snare stand, hihat, throne base, cymbal stand, and FT legs, plus bass pedal and extras like tambourine, tools. It won’t fit most throne seats (except for like smallish flat ones). A double pedal would probably not fit. With super compact hardware like the Tama Classics, I could probably fit a couple more cymbal stands in.

My only complaint (apart from weight on my back) is the “koskin” fake leather actually tears pretty easily on its soft surface, so it’s not like the bag will fall apart, but it starts looking crappy and torn/scuffed up pretty quickly.