Gibraltar Snare Drum 14" Wood Hoop set, Lot of 10" heads, Evans 10/12/14/16" EC2 Clear Set, Evans 10


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Oct 4, 2005
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Cleaning out the drum room and I came across a bunch of stuff that I just don't use. Let me know if anything piques your interest. We can discuss price on the heads, as I'm not totally sure whats fair. Better deals if we can combine shipping on multiple items. I have:

A pair of 14" Gibraltar wood snare hoops (normal top, bottom with cutouts for snares), 10 lug. They look mint. For these I'd like $80 shipped.

A lot of 9 10" tom heads, including: 1 Remo Fiberskyn FA, 1 Remo Fiberskyn FD, 5 coated ambassadors, 1 clear Ambassador, 1 clear Evans G1. Heads are all unused; I almost never use a 10" tom, but whenever I'd buy a set of heads for a kit I'd buy a 10" anyway. Just haven't had a reason to use these.

A 10/12/14/16" set of Evans coated G1s. These are unused; I bought a little while ago, but have since gone back to coated Remo Ambassadors.

A 10/12/14/16" set of Evans Clear EC2 tom heads. Same deal as G1s... bought these thinking I might use them for more of a contemporary sound, but I'm content with my Remos tuned down with just a bit of gaff tape.