Gigging with my bassist...


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Aug 5, 2005
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Lewisville, TX
I met Chris about three years ago when he joined our big band, and he just slid right in like he'd always been there. Very good player, and VERY easy to play with. So we're also in a group derived from the big band of guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. A couple of months ago he referred me to the leader of a jazz septet, and I wound up joining them. Then last month, a guitarist Chris had played with months ago called and said, "I have a gig playing for a jazz brunch in a new brewery and don't have a band. Do you know a drummer?" And that's how I got my latest gig.

Andrew's main gig is playing Americana/country with an area singer/songwriter. They performed on the main stage at the ACL festival last week, and he knows his stuff. He also expands his repertoire playing solo gigs with tracks. First song I played with them was a western swing number that we did as a bebop number, and we were off and running. What we thought would be a single gig on a late September Sunday afternoon changed when the management asked us to play through the end of October. Cool! Six weeks work!

So today we found out we've been extended indefinitely. Since we're playing outside, under cover, but still, so who knows how long it will last. December could be a challenge. But in the meantime it's a blast. The trio format gives everybody a lot of room, and sometimes it seems like we're all thinking alike, and the song list is eclectic as can be. Today we played Ernest Tubb, John Coltrane, Chet Atkins, Duke Ellington, and Thelonious Monk. We also promised a fan we'd play some Dead next week, and Andrew wants to add some Meters tunes as well.

This week Chris and I played our monthly show at a local restaurant with the big band on Wednesday, then Saturday when he subbed with my septet, and then today, so it's been an exhilarating week. Beside this, tomorrow I rehearse here with a new rock band that shows promise, and I also host a weekly jam here on Tuesday.

Pics are from today's brunch. Kids and dogs are welcome, and it's a really cool vibe. Also, their beers are varied and tasty, and the food is good. I have no idea what's going to happen, but I'm riding this horse till she drops or I do.

Sorry about the lack of gear pics. Next week. I'm using my turquoise sparkle Gretsch 10/12/14/15/20 with a modified (Trick strainer and diecast hoops) 6x14 Ridgeland Radio King. K Custom 22" ride; 14, 16, and 18 K Custom Thin Dark crashes; 70s 10" A splash and 22" swish; and 14" K Dark hats.

I don't know how this all happened, but I'm marveling at being this busy at 74 years old.



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Jun 28, 2019
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Queens NY
Sounds like you're on a heck of a run! Enjoy the good times!