Gigs From Hell


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Jul 28, 2006
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I was playing the Sutter St Saloon in Folsom, we were just getting ready to start when, from the stage, I see a guy apparently arguing with patrons at the first table. As he proceeds from one table to the next, he seems to be starting arguments with each table, When he goes by the stage, he gives us a ration of crap too but was ignored. As he completed his table by table antagonizing, he comes to the bar where, he has a couple of words with a guy who then, knocks him cold, AH! The police come and arrest the guy who punched the a-hole, who walks free, there is no justice.
Damn, Moodman, you have lived it and can tell 'em!


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Feb 7, 2006
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New York City
An old friend reminded me of this the other day, so I figured I would add to the mix.

In the 80s, when I was about 16 or 17 I hooked up with a local band comprised of members who were all about 3-5 years older than me. We used to play about every weekend in the Hudson Valley (NY) where there was actually a viable music scene back then. Those guys were experienced players so the band was pretty good, we played mostly originals and even managed to develop a small following.

We landed a gig on Friday night in Middletown, NY opening up for what was then a “sort of known”regional band, Twisted Sister. They had an EP or two out, and their gigs were advertised on NYC radio stations, but this was before their big breakout album, and MTV etc… so they really weren’t much of a big deal.

We had played that club a few times already so it was just another gig for us.

We were treated like a typical small time opening act in a small time club. Like most places at the time, they had no backline and we certainly were not able to use any of the TS gear. I had to set up in front of the TS drum kit (it MAY have been Joe Franco's set, I’m not sure because I never did see any of the TS members). We were not able to use the green room, but I was able to drink free soda, so I had that going for me.

We played our set which was lukewarmly appreciated by some of the TS crowd that was filtering in. I had some friends ithere, including a cute girl that I liked, who managed to get in with fake IDs. ( this was before picture licenses…drinking age at that time was 19) so all was good.

There was a fire exit at stage right which led to the parking lot and my nearby car. One of the bouncers seemed like a pretty decent guy and helped me clear my gear off the stage and out the door to my car, within minutes all my stuff was sitting by my car and the stage was ready for the featured act.

The bouncer told me to take a quick look around inside to make sure I had everything, I did, as I was on my way out to load the car he told me knock on the door when I was ready to come back in.

I loaded my car and knocked on the door again.. Same bouncer answered, but in a very different mood and tone.. Asked me what I wanted, I reminded him that I had just played and he had helped me with my stuff. He just looked at me blankly, acting like he had never seen me before. I thought he was kidding..His only response was, “where is your ID?” I didn’t have a great answer for that so he told me to get lost. I protested and told him that my band members were in there, along with some friends. He stepped outside and threatened to ruin my night, (as well as my face) and warned me not to try to go to the front door because he would be watching… He wasn’t kidding, and yeah, he was a total “Richard.”

No cell phones back then so I couldn't call for a lifeline from inside, that was the end of that, I went home ..(“welcome to the music biz kid”—I can’t even remember if I ever got paid). My band members and friends had a good time though…

That place was plowed under a few years later and a shopping mall sits on top of it today.


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Aug 4, 2005
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Quityerbitchin, USA
When the bass player quit a band I played in we were lucky to replace him with a guy who taught several instruments and played all styles. The 1st gig was 45 miles away and I ended up riding with him in his supercharged 'Vette. Winter time, snow on the ground, some on the road. On a long stretch of the 2 lane, he picks up speed and we're running 120 mph and, I swear, we pass a state trooper going the other way. The cop never braked and I have to wonder if he even saw us, for whatever reason he didn't turn and chase us. When we came to the hilly, curvy part of the drive I said something about slowing down, he laughed and gave me a couple of hits of speed. We made it to the gig in one piece but 'nervous'. This dude was strange to say the least, we would go to his house after gigs at 3 AM, where he had a piano, drums, amps and guitars set up in the living room, and play even though his wife and 2 young sons were sleeping. One night he picked up a chick at our gig and took her home and asked her to wait on a bench outside his bedroom. He then gets undressed and gets in bed with his wife and asks her to get up and get him a drink of water. He told me about it like it was a cool thing to do, he never got to what happened when his wife and the girl saw each other but, he must have had a strange relationship going.

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