Going to look at a Super Sensitive tomorrow...

D. B. Cooper

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Oct 18, 2009
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Hey fellas,

I'm going to look at a super sensitive from a local seller tomorrow afternoon.
The keystone badge reads 728711, which, according to Ludwig's website dates this drum to 1969. It's a 5" deep drum.
Is this a brass shelled drum? It's missing the muffler, but I figured that would be a relatively easy part to replace.
What should I be looking for when I go check it out? Do these drums have any weaknesses or parts that are subject to damage or breaking? Any info that I should be keep in mind?

As always, thank you!


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Feb 16, 2016
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Pebble Beach, CA
There's a laundry list of items:
Shell - no pitting at all!
Indented snare beds
Bearing edge - rolled 45 degrees like normal but the edge flanges down inward
Muffler - normally red (well before than '69)
Weight - much more than a normal Supra/SS.

I bought a "COB" Supra with all of the above except flanged edge, but it seemed light - turns out although advertised as "brass", it was not! Pretty, but I returned it over the seller's objection, and he paid for return s/h due to misrepresenting the shell metal.

I have both a COB Supra and COB SS, both pre-serial KB badges. I never use the SS - It works fine, was a bit tricky to set up, but I just don't like the throw mechanism. I much rather prefer the simplicity of the P83 on the Supra.

Good luck, man!