Gone! Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Renaissance Ride 2488grams - Prototype


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Nov 20, 2008
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I got this a while back at a Zildjian-sponsored clinic at the LIDC. Zildjians' Paul Francis was on hand and they were getting ready to release the Adam Nussbaum Ride and a 20" version of the Kenny Washington Bounce ride. They brought a bunch of pre-production samples and Paul took a couple of moments to help me find a trio of rides to work together. The bell is my favorite part of this ride.

I used to use the 22" Renaissance and the 20" Bounce rides a lot but it's now just been sitting around for a couple of years and I would like to get other ride cymbals for the music I am playing now.
Given the rising cost of metals, I may never get another Constantinople again and regret my decision down the road. Current prices are $625!? However, it seems silly having them sit on the rack so I hope it will go to someone who will enjoy them as much as I did. I found them to be very versatile and used them for blues and rock.

Check the photos for the condition report but they have been well cared for and have no cosmetic issues other than stick marks which could be cleaned up. I am not about to mess with the patina that's been slowly working its magic, so not going to mess with it.

The audio sample.
Renaissance Audio

It's hard to get an accurate read of pricing these days so hopefully, you will find my price to be reasonable.
Thanks for looking and listening!

Price: $425 shipped in the Con US.


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