Good Deal? $13,700 Bid for a Yamaha 5-Piece Green Maple Custom Drum Set

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Feb 17, 2015
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North Carolina

This drum set was played on the recording of the 2001 Godsmack album "AWAKE" featuring iconic songs such as "Greed", "Bad Magick" and "Awake". Please scroll down to see a special video message from Sully Erna about The Scars Foundation and learn how you can further support the important work they do.

Please note, the winner will have the option of having their name announced on "Sully and Friends Live from the Living Room" on August 6th, between 9-10pm ET if the auction is paid for within 30 minutes of it's close.
In addition, all the winners will be invited to a 15-20 minute group cyber meet and greet Zoom video chat with Sully after the show ends.



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Jan 16, 2011
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Mount Holly New Jersey
In the realm of drum sets NO. In the spirit of charitable donations, if you have that kind of money, and the Scars Foundation is something you want to support ( for whatever reason) then I'd say absolutely. Look at some of the asking prices for celebrity sets from Donn Bennett etc... And that money doesn't go to a Charity that I know of. Also, this isn't a knock on Donn's business at all... Some folks collect things like that so if there's a market the price will reflect what the market will Bear . YMMV