Good Drum Vehicles....


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Aug 7, 2005
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Puget Sound, Washington State
Chevy Astro van. Seats removed, I can get my anvil cases, speakers, cymbal cases and the bass players gear in it. Mine is the AWD, due to ice conditions around here in the winter. Parked the F250 P/U and only use that to haul house projects (Lowe's to home...Home Depot to home...etc).

I wouldn't own a Subaru on a bet...


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Aug 5, 2005
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Murfreesboro, TN
Thanks guys, I am really leaning on the Element, and Tommy thanks for the tip in the Belle Meade Auto Brokers route. I forgot all about stuff like that. I will deffy have to check his out. And for those with all the first hand reviews. I have a line on an element here in town for a decent price, just convincing the wife to take a loan out for it. My work income has been so inconsistant she is sheepish about us taking up a car note even if it is 10-14,000. If I can get something around 200/mo I can handle it, so the 10k range could do it. And the 25mpg average seems reasonable since I am getting 17 highway with my jeep. Not to mention luxuries like air conditioning,remote power locks, tinted windows, a quiet ride, and balanced aligned wheels! I am ecstatic thinking about it!

And whats with all the mini-van suggestions, I mean, I said, I dont wanna look old! hehe ;)

I hope I can seal this deal soon, I have to get out of this jeep while it still has market and actual value.

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