Great Tool for working Drummers!


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Aug 31, 2017
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Olathe, KS
I wanted to share this product because I just purchased and it is awesome. If you are like me and you are switching sticks, adding shakers, etc during songs you know it is very important to have a percussion table near you. (I also have a stick bag on my floor tom but it does not work for shakers, maraca, and other non-stick shaped tools that require quick grab). I am very mindful of weight and the amount of gear I carry, and I frankly did not want another stand and I did not have a place to mount a table on a cymbal stand. I needed something else, for a period I used my floor tom case sitting next to my hihat as a make-shift table. Unfortunately, it is not level and was not high enough, also the shakers, etc would generally slide off of the case when I dismounted. I needed something that was light, practical, could sit within my existing hardware, and was accessible. Guess what, I found it.

This product fits onto your floor tom rim and is just large enough to hold a shaker and a maraca, or a pair of brushes, etc. It snaps on and off quickly but is very solid once mounted, its fqn perfect.

Check it out, I am not a reseller and am no way affiliated with this product just a happy customer! Yes, it is slightly expensive but it is cheaper than a percussion table (and more compact), rugged, and just works like it should.


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