Gretsch '57 Renown Bop Shell Pack, Just $559 shipped!


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Aug 5, 2005
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Yes it peels off. It's stuck on really well and somewhat hard to pull off but yet comes off cleanly with no residue left behind or damage to the finish underneath. I was going to make a video of the process when I was doing the bass drum but I failed to start my camcorder when I did the actual peel so I missed the most important part. I still haven't done the snare drum so I might have another chance to document the proceedure...if I decide to peel that one.

The chevron is made of the same thin type metal as the regular Renown badges and gets bent up in the process so there is no going back.

I suppose there is always a slim chance that these imported (but extremely well made) drums might be worth some premium down the road due to their unique styling but I don't really care. I thing a solid color (black in my case)looks much better than the 57 chevy look and they're my drums. If anything I'm making the originals more rare by stripping mine.