Gretsch, Rogers, Leedy & Ludwig projects - Need some appraisal help...


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Oct 18, 2010
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Fort Wayne, IN

So over the last few years I have acquired a few extra drums with the intent on doing some restorations for fun. Admittedly, I probably paid more than what any of these are worth but at the time it didn't bother me too much since I was looking for projects. I have continued to find myself without the extra time, motivation, or funds to justify hanging onto these and would like to get them to someone else who would like them and try to fill in the hole from some of my recent purchases. I am not an expert so I'm looking for advice for value - hence why I'm posting this in General instead of of the Sales thread. I know each of these drums are worth more in parts but I'm not going to gut them and try to scalp outrageously on ebay. Just want a realistic level of bones back in the ol' pocket. So here's each drum with a list of notable points:

First up is a 50's Rogers Holiday 14x5 in gold sparkle:
-Wrap in great shape
-No extra holes
-Eagle badge great
-Strainer good
-Muffler intact but pad worn
-Original wires, worn
-A few lugs are slightly cracked
-Top hoop only with tension rods & washers, missing bottom hoop
-missing butt plate
-missing swivo-matic mount - however a couple years ago I acquired a replacement plate from some guy who fashions them with the idea of just covering where the swivo-matic was.

20141021_202019_resized.jpg 20141021_202030_resized.jpg 20141021_202038_resized.jpg 20141021_202048_resized.jpg 20141021_202053_resized.jpg 20141021_202108_resized.jpg 20141021_202135_resized.jpg 20141021_202149_resized.jpg 20141021_202203_resized.jpg 20141021_202449_resized.jpg 20141021_202608_resized.jpg 20141021_202622_resized.jpg

Next up is a 60's Gretsch model 4108 14x5:
-Shell worn and scratched
-no extra holes
-badge intact
-muffler intact
-strainer intact and smooth, including extra strainer
-keyholder intact
-diecast top and bottom hoops, top slightly out of round and mild pitting - all 16 tension rods present with washers
-Wires included (though not sure if they are original)

20141021_200317_resized_1.jpg 20141021_200328_resized.jpg 20141021_200336_resized_1.jpg 20141021_200342_resized_1.jpg 20141021_200354_resized_1.jpg 20141021_200441_resized.jpg 20141021_200533_resized_1.jpg 20141021_200810_resized_1.jpg 20141021_200642_resized_1.jpg

Lastly, a 50's Leedy & Ludwig Broadway 14x6.5 gold sparkle:
-Wrap significantly worn (unfortunately this seems common of drums from this era, as the wrap cracks and sparkle flakes oxidized - I've seen tons of other gold sparkle drums that have done this...)
-no extra holes
-badge intact
-all nickel lugs present, though missing a couple of screws inside
-muffler intact, missing pad
-strainer intact and very smooth
-butt plate present
-original wires, worn
-bottom nickel hoop only with tension rods, missing top hoop

20141021_201541_resized_1.jpg 20141021_201545_resized.jpg 20141021_201549_resized.jpg 20141021_201600_resized.jpg 20141021_201615_resized.jpg 20141021_201634_resized.jpg 20141021_201648_resized.jpg 20141021_201744_resized.jpg 20141021_201755_resized.jpg

Your knowledge of these and their value are greatly appreciated. I would be open to offers if you so desire (which again, is why I threw these up here instead of the sales section - I know how annoying it is to see an item without a price...)


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Nov 23, 2011
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vancouver bc
rogers -200
gretsch -250- die casts worth 120 or so


you know about bb lug reinforcement?