Gretsch Techware Spur Solution


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Aug 28, 2012
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Chesapeake, VA
Hola thrill seekers...been a good while since I posted on here...good to see ye old chaps still kicking! Before the Spur Solution bit...the backstory...rewind 21 years ago. I had been gigging and playing for years and had traded/bought/bartered my way into my absolute favorite kit ever. A huge early 90's Ebony Stain Gretsch...all virgin. Happy clam...then I met my future wife. :). In perhaps the greatest move of my life, I sold that Gretsch kit to buy an engagement/wedding ring for her. Money wasn't abundant so best way I knew how to get it. Still married and happier today than ever! Never lost the drum bug...but kids, houses, career etc all took/take priority. About a month ago...I happened to search on Ebay for "Ebony Gretsch"...no idea why really I was not really looking for a set. Eyup...there it was...the Gretsch kit of 21 years ago. I promptly made an offer and bought the kit...fantastic seller ...he had acquired the kit a few years ago through Marketplace. Not sure how it made it around to that but it's home. Being the complete geek I am, I've spent a bunch of time cleaning it up, removing scratches in nitro, etc. Was about to do the kick when I started looking at the spurs which brings us to the topic...

I never liked the Techware spurs. Perfectly functional...just so out of place with the absolute classy everything of the Ebony Stain lacquer of those years. (That deepest Brown/Ebony thing under that Nitro is just sooo classy with the Gretsch lugs). Anywho...I've always like the Gull Wing spur look (a la Link Sonor, Ayotte, etc). I have a set of the Dunnett/Gibraltar Gull Wing spurs I never used, so got to looking at it. My first idea was to use a set of Josh's BR2 mounts in place of the Techware mount and battle over. Nope...the Techware mount is drilled at an angle (meaning the holes are not perpendicular to the Edge/Hoops...which means I would have to drill an extra hole. The BR3 mount would not work either as the spurs would not be in the "right" place for a 22" (10 lug bass).

Then it occurred to me to just put the Dunnett Spur in the Techware hole and see how it roughed up. It is absolutely perfect alignment...angle forward, height, etc. However, the Dunnett spur is significantly smaller diameter than the huge Techware pole spur. Easy enough...the techware spur is hollow and the diameter of the Dunnett spur perfect fits inside the techware spur pole. So...long story short...I'll cut two sections from one of the techware spurs and weld the Dunnett Spur inside (Cutting off the 90's turn part of the Dunnett Spur). I weld so this is 5 minute job. Techware spur stays in the hole and protruding part is the Dunnett Gull Wing. I've been swamped the last week so haven't gotten to it but may have time today.

Anyway...seems like a simple way to use Gull Wing spurs with legacy bass mounts that are telescoping. Useless though if gull-wing isn't your thing...



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Nov 24, 2009
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Brilliant! I love it when things work out like this one!