Gretsch "The One" snare videos


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Mar 28, 2018
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Theres no way those snares aren't eq'ed. From using that solid aluminum in a shootout, i know it rings like a mother when tuned low and that snare has very little ring to it in these videos. still a very cool video
check out how steve ferrone has a thumb on the drum to dampen it. Then check out Zach's video. When he talks, his lapel mic gets put back in the mix and you can hear LOTS of ringing. So what you are hearing is overhead mics including a large room sound. The drum is ringing, but in the larger room it isn't the most pronounced sound.


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Nov 11, 2009
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I didn't see these videos until a month or two ago, but I became Gretsch snare drum fan some time ago. I got my first COB 4160 in 1991. It was my primary snare drum until 2008.

Todays I have an embarrassing bounty of snare drums at my disposal. I love and use Ludwig metal snare drums, most of my wood snare drums were made by Slingerland or DW. A couple of years ago I was drawn back to the Gretsch fold. I bought a 60s Round badge Progressive jazz kit that came with a snare, a stop sign badge kit that came with another 4160, and picked up a round badge Max Roach snare. Coincidentally, Gretsch started making some pretty cool modern snare drums, as shown in these videos. This past year I've added a Gretsch USA Bell Brass, a Gretsch USA Solid Maple, and a Gretsch Stanton Moore signature snare drum to my snare drum "stable". Gretsch still may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of snare drums, but these days they have are making some serious instruments that should be considered.
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