Gretsch Tom Holders


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Nov 15, 2010
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Dayton Ohio
Offered up here are 2 of these GSI-THSL (I think this is part number?) So pay attention to pics. Came with the new Renown kit I ordered and in a mix up I now have 2 of these holders and I need ZERO. I found a single holder and figured one of our members here might put these to good use. They are selling for 75 on up to 89 a piece online so just trying to recoup what I paid for my single holder so let's do $84.00 shipped for the pair. Below wholesale ..1" tube
, Pretty standard and can work with most female mounts (See what I didn't try to do there but did??) or slide into some of the more heavy duty cymbal stands. Brand new and ready to ship. Pay Pal, check Money order all ok. I'm in no rush but it is first come and I will hold for any member that's been here at least 5 years in Good standing. I know I'm scarce here but DFO has a definite soft place in my heart and I do TCOB. Thanks and again look at the pics.


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