Gretsch USA Custom 18/12/14 Burnt Orange lacquer 1990's Jasper shelled kit- super nice.


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Jul 19, 2007
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Gretsch Burnt Orange USA Custom kit, Jasper shells, 1990's drums, 8x12, 14x14, 16x18 virgin bass drum.

This kit is among the very best sounding drums I have ever played, they are low and throaty sounding with huge sustain and resonance. Drums are in easy 9/10 condition, they are just beautiful, a vivid and dark burnt orange lacquer, edges are perfect and must be really true and flat for these drums to sound as good as they do.

These drums record well, the bass drum is ported right now and sounds huge through a PA, swap the heads out for ambassadors and play a bop gig. The kick can go VERY low for an 808 kind of long sustain tone or tuned up for bop.

The drums were ordered without mounts and brackets, the bass drum is a virgin and has Yamaha spurs, 12 is virgin with aluminum Gauger Rims mounts, the 14x14 has Pearl leg brackets. no extra holes. Shell pack only, no stands. Drums will be packed very well and NOT nested inside each other, Seattle pickup would be great, I'd give a $200 cash and pick up discount.

$2200 + $150 ship.

Pictures coming soon.

PS also have matching 8" and 10" toms that can be purchased separately.
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