Guidelines to buying and selling on DFO, please give a look


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Dec 28, 2010
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Sure. Just say “no” when they ask to purchase. It is and will always be up to the individual who they do business with.
It’s not rude.
It’s business.


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Aug 15, 2019
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Hello all, as a person who buys and sells a lot on the internet, I would just like to share some points to make a transaction as smooth as possible.

Sellers....describe the good and the not so good as accurately as possible and encourage questions from buyers and when you have a sale pending, best is to give the buyer a phone number or email as aback up to contact you, our pm service is not bullet proof. And make sure you pack it right, double box if need be. And make sure it is insured.

Buyers, ask questions before you send money, not while it is in transit. use paypal, and send payment pronto, sellers shouldn't have to remind you etc.

AND if there is ever a question, hiccup or a problem with a transaction......CONTACT ME....either buyer or seller, I will dive right into the situation to help get it resolved.

Now that being said, won't ever apply to about 99% of the transactions here because we are all drum guys and a few gals.

So thanks for reading, Ben
I would like to recommend consolidating a sticky listing of the transaction rules - suggestions - tips -and expectations in one post so that we can see them all together. Each category can be identified as a rule or as a tip; etc. Also, some tips about how to pack for shipping drums from those with that experience would be helpful. Just some thoughts...