Has anyone have tips to converting a floor tom to a bass drum?


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Jul 6, 2006
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Buda, Texas
I went all the way, bass drum hoops, bass drum heads, longer lug bolts, and found some small claws although small is not necessary. I purchased a Dixon riser and use it for my 18" and 20" bass and for legs I'm using "L" rods with Pearl floor tom feet mounted from the original FT leg mounts. Not the best way; for legs I'd recommend iNde or ATLAS mounting system, no extra holes to drill.

Heads are your choice but I'm using Fiberskyn PS3's on both sides. My tom was a 16x18 that sounds like a bigger bass drum than it is. Although I wouldn't recommend using it out doors except for a really small party like in a back yard.

BTW: The Dixon riser is small and fits in the same bag with the foot pedal.