Have a fav 3x13 snare?


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Aug 5, 2005
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Poulsbo, Wa.
If anyone runs across a 13x3.5 DIXON snare drum with round turret lugs, like a DW would have, those drums actually became quite popular with the younger crowd in the late 90's because they looked like DW, but only cost like $75-$80 new.
On top of that, they used a Maple shell and actually sounded pretty good, wobbly edges and all.



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Oct 31, 2019
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Looking to add a 3x13 to the studio collection.

The parameters should closely follow:
- NOT made in China/Taiwan
- Probably should be a well-known brand, at least among drummers
- Can be any material
- Doesn't necessarily need a wide tuning range
- Used or new, under $500 (already have a few $1000+ snares so this need not be a "holy grail" type of centerpiece)
- I'm not particularly comfortable with the sideways lugs on some of the short Ludwigs or MIJ Tamas that always seem to rotate under tension
- As a drummer, you should be somewhat excited to pull this thing off the shelf to try it out

I had a Pearl M1330 that sounded good and filled the intended role, but it just didn't have any "wow" factor and sat on the shelf unless I set it up.

I'm leaning toward waiting for a Ludwig LB553 to pop up but I was curious if anyone has any other ideas.

Whatcha think?
You should definitely check out the pearl maple piccolo. That thing has killer tuning ranges.


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Jul 28, 2006
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The LC-555 is a USA made drum with the normal 6 ply maple. The Rocker is 3x13 and an import shell. Not sure of makeup but I have one and it is likely maple and basswood and lower quality. Not sure how many plies. The parts are fine although I don't like the butt and switched out for a P32 with some modding of the throw. The throw of the import is like the Gibraltar piccolo throw but the USA maple has the better P80 throw (see picture). The import is a decent drum for what it is and what I paid, but it was really hard to strip the poly finish. I've never seen or played a USA version live. And I've never heard of a rocker Elite Piccolo snare that size. Just the black/white badged one I have.
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I have one of these 90's bronze ones. Got it from Maxwell last summer at a really good price. Though sensitive, it is not a drum for quiet playing. You can cut people's heads off at 10 paces with it, and I am not a hard hitter. It's so loud that I hadn't been able to dial it in or find the appropriate gigging situation by the time the lockdown hit, but I can't wait to give it a shot when things re-open. My 90's 6 1/2" bronze Supra? Mellow by comparison.

As a contrast, from the same company I have another 13" picc - the much-loved late 50's WFL-badged Black/Gold duco 3-ply, a well-mannered little guy perfect for the coffee shop/small microbrewery/folkish gigs I play. You would be considered a barbarian if you were trying to "slam out" some high volume on one of these. No Gospel Chops on the ol' wood WFL, whereas I think the 13" bronze may have been designed for that.