Having UPS, FedEx, etc. do the packing.

Corbin L Douthitt

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Dec 21, 2018
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Who has experience doing this? How'd it go? Was it expensive? I've got a seller who won't ship a cymbal. Anybody do this with cymbals?

Many thanks.
I use a "Mail Room" service for deliveries and shipping. When I sell a drum or cymbal- I tell the buyer that it will be packed professionally. Double boxed- padded- and the cost is $ XX. If they want cheaper shipping- I let them accept responsibility for any damages. I recommend that some things in life should not be cheaped out- packing drums and cymbals is one of those. If your FedEx/UPS store doesn't look like they know how- ASK- you want a padded box for the drums- padded top bottom and sides.. then it goes into a slightly bigger box padded top bottom and sides. Then WELL taped at the seams and corners. THEN you find out the cost- DIMM weight and materials and postage.