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Aug 28, 2020
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So I've been playing mesh heads and quiet cymbals, bought a house in town and moving in January figuring I need to quiet it down since neighbors aren't right on top of me, maybe 50 yards away but still kind of close. Been playing them for a month or so, they sound like special effects but eh, practice. So I'm thinking I have over a month here, why am I playing them?

Mom in law flew in a couple weeks ago, she's spending some time here so my practice routine (pad and kit) I pulled back from, been kind of busy lately but I decided to put the Remo heads back on the kit for now, did that last night. Used a drum dial I got from @Rich K. and wow, that thing is sweet, tuned them up in no time.

Playing those mesh heads sucked, sounded like crap, the feel isn't there, snare bounce is non-existent, it was stale. Played the properly headed kit today, 3 hours. I couldn't get enough of it - wow, it was invigorating. Ripping my double kicks, blast beats, smashed out a couple tunes that were in my head, made a couple up. Figured out and played the groove to 50 ways to leave your lover (neat groove, hat work is a little tricky), finally got that purdie shuffle down pat. I even worked on rimshots which is a thing I never got.

I could have played longer but wife and mom in law probably heard enough lol and the crash is hitting me a little now.

Funny how the sound and feel work on enthusiasm, I guess that's the point here, it just felt so good. I got a cheap beginner kit last February then went to a Decade kit because I thought the sound and feel would be a little perk and it was at the time but I'm playing the cheap kit now, did some work to it and with the right heads it's fine.