Heavy ride + low-pitched??


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Aug 29, 2017
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The k heavy rides are nice, especially the 22 model. It will be a simpler sound than the agop, probably a better bell. Less overall sounds, but nice and clear and on the darker spectrum.

I also own an Idris Agop, and it was my main ride for 5 years. It’s dryer than my Traditional heavy (due to the unlathed bottom), and is definitely dark for a heavy ride. Good bigger bell. It’s not quite as musical a sound to my ears and doesn’t project as well as the trad heavy.

I had a K custom medium 22 for years, and it was brighter and livelier than the Idris Agop, even though they share similar designs. It was a bit more hollow sounding (less fullness) than the Traditional Heavy.
Thank you so much for your prompt reply. You are very, very helpful. Now if you could just tell my wife for me that I need to get all three....


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Aug 7, 2005
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Jeannette, Pa.
Well on a Sunday you quoted me and woke me up. harrumpt.
Yeah, but there are plenty examples of heavy, low pitched cymbals that are more umbrella shaped. Like the Deep Ride.
"gently-tapered surface"
"extremely- flat tapered"
but don't take my word for it take Zildjians- read the ad descript->
you're only 180 degree off; (which is an easier fix than say 35 degrees off ; ) just flip the thinking

When you bend a piece of metal the pitch goes "uP..

Now when talking about heavy K 22 Dark Mediums and heavy Old K New Stamp 22s... in each there's a combination of flat area's, say from the bridge to about 3" from the edge then there is a flange (bend) downward. So there there's combinations; sometimes with old Ks there are mid-bow peaks and valleys within an overall flat profile
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