Hello everyone, May need your kindly advisement about edrum.


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Mar 15, 2019
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Hello everyone. My name is Bruce , business representative of a new Edrum company. We plan to have our local branch and establish our after-sales service system in the US. However there are already lots of awesome brands in the market such as Roland , Yamaha , Alesis , KAT , Pintech …etc . So base on the situation, I still may need your precious opinion for below questions: .(Please always reply me even you are not in the US, we need all of your professional advisement.)
  1. In what reason , you would like to pick up a brand that is not well known or even was not been heard before when you are going to buy a e-drum set?
  2. What kind of feature bias you to choose the E-drum model when you are going to buy a e-drum set. (e.g. price , outward , brand , quality , special function , physical punch feeling , sound , (multiple options))?
  3. Regrading to the mature edrum market and with some existing strong brands like Roland , Yamaha , Alesis …etc. What kind of feature that you will suggest us to have to survive in this market?
  4. Any other recommendations?

We so appreciate for your kindly feedback and also you could email me or pm me if you are interested in our brand.
Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.

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