Helluva great snare drum deal


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Jan 25, 2010
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Jacksonville, FL
I am the one who had the issue with the warranty/shell veneer cracking. Last year a buddy traded me a Mapex MPX maple black lacquer drum 8x14. It has diecast hoops like a Gretsch and the drum sounds phenomenal. New they come with thin steel black hoops. The throw off arm is black and works fine but looks pedestrian. 8x14 scares some but you can do anything with this drum. For $130 bux new it's worth it for a quality snare drum. I would have upgraded the hoops but l got it like it is. I upgraded the heads and snares. Overall, this snare drum is woody and delightful. Sensitive but not loose. Think Jeff Porcaro.


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Apr 29, 2021
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I have a Mapex Black Panther Big Kat 8" x 14" snare from 2009, still in the box. One of these days I need to do something with it. I've been thinking of sending it to Precision and having it wrapped in a different finish.

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This is the press release from the time.

"PRESS RELEASE: At 2009 Summer NAMM, Mapex USA will introduce a new snare drum to its Black Panther line-up. The Big Cat Snare is 14-inches in diameter and a whopping 8" deep.

The 6-ply, 5.1mm shell composition is similar to Mapex's popular Saturn Series - 2 inner plies of walnut and 4 exterior plies of maple. The drum is finished in a natural gloss that shows off the natural wood grain. But this drum is all about the sound."

Obviously, mine is not finished in natural gloss...
I have, and regularly gig with, this snare, a Big Cat, 8x14. Bought it new in 2012 and it’s phenomenal.
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Mar 19, 2010
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Melbourne, Australia
all these years, hundreds of gigs, down the tubes.
Guess I better call that black beauty back into action.

What was I thinking!!!

If you use calfskins, the tall diecast hoops will bottom out on the lugs once the humidity changes and you need to tune up the lugs, guaranteed.

Laugh all you want, It's just bad design.

David M Scott

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Apr 5, 2020
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I have had a few Mapex snares/sets over the years... still got the little brother snare to the one shown in the video (20 lug natural wood... see below)

BUT I gotta agree that MYDENTITY is the STUPIDEST marketing term ever conceived!

here's my Mapex meridian maple snare... still practice my paradiddles and concert reading on it.

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Whats's in a name ? If that colours your decision making then you need serious help. But I should shut up as when I first heard the name Black Beauty .. well I thought it was made during the time when African Americans were depicted as less than human. Then I heard Sensitone and I thought it referred to some type od birth control method. I swore i'd never buy either. Boy was I out to lunch.. Get my drift ?