Help identifying no name vintage kit


Nov 14, 2020
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Dunno if anyone is out there...or if there's a better place to post this sort of new question now...but I finally got around to cleaning the kit up and getting some new Evans heads for it. It's been a lot of hassle trying to get the heads on the toms. As far as I can see, the bearing edges and hoops and everything are round and in tact. But on the 12 inch especially, it's like the new evans head, the collar especially, is too big for the drum and it's impossible to get it on. There's not enough room for the tension rods to go between the collar and the hoop, at least with the original slotted rods that came with it...
On the 16" floor I used some spare modern tension rods I had lying about which were skinnier but somehow still threaded and it seems ok. But on the 12", some of the modern rods thread and some don't. Using a combination of old and new rods i can just about get the head on but the tension is all uneven and the head wont seat properly. When measured, it seems like the tom is actually a bit smaller than 12 inches which could be the's a lot of stress and disappointment after looking forward to putting new heads on. If anyone has any experience with these problems on old vintage kits, let me know, thanks.