Help me choose a trash crash or China


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Jan 23, 2011
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Wanted to update this thread with my impressions.

So I tried the following:
Sabian HHX Ozone 18
Sabian Holy China 19
Paiste 20 Novo China
Paiste PST X Swiss Medium Crash 18
Paiste PST X Swiss Thin Crash 18

I ended up liking the Swiss crashes the best for my purposes. I was trying to find a clean white noise cymbal. Not as fast as a stack, but also without the "pang" or longer decay of some Chinas.

The Ozone was nice but was lower pitched and didn't produce as much white noise.

Holy China was nice and was probably 2nd place. However, the Novo offered more versatility in that you could ride it easier, nice Bell, and it sounds like a more traditional China.

In summary, I ended up keeping the Swiss crashes and Novo China. I guess I'm a Paiste nut.

Of note, the medium and thin swiss crashes sound very similar. I'm guessing the medium projects a little more. But if you are deciding between these two, just go for the better deal.


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Nov 1, 2019
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I use Signature, 2002, Giant Beat so fairly similar to OP. I've been eyeing an Ozone-style crash as well.

Meinl has the Classics Custom Dark line that looks pretty good to me, and has a good selection of sizes for the Ozone/Trash crashes. Haven't gotten to check them out in person so far, but they come across in clips as mellower than the the PSTX:s, which is a good thing in my book. I'm not a fan of the really trashy sounds, like the Wuhan china I have. The Meinls are fairly cheap as well. I'll likely be going with the Meinls or a regular ol' 2002 china for my setup down the road.

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