How tight is your bass drum head?


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Sep 14, 2017
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Remo generally will do unusual orders if you ask nice and it’s possible. True custom orders require whining.

But if not, Aquarian American Vintage has 26” as a normal size.
I’m in Australia, and Aquarian doesn’t have a big presence here. Hate to think what the lead time on a custom 26” head would be, let alone in current times with shipping blowing out.

I asked Remo a while back if they had plans to expand the classic fit line to include 26” bass drums (or emperors for snare/toms) and was told they have no plans to expand the line any time soon.

I did manage to find 13” and 16” Aquarian AMV heads at a local store to try on my toms. They fit better than standard heads but I didn’t really like them. Tried some 360 G2s but they are lifeless on them, quite dead compared to Emps, and fit worse than normal Remos. Not sure the aluminium hoops on either particularly agreed with my single flange hoops which probably didn’t help.

The Classic Fit coated Ambassadors are the ticket on these drums (40s Radio King, the Gene Krupa 26/13/16 style outfit) with oversized shells and the proper round-over baseball bat edges.

Still sounds good with regular Remo kick heads, got a coated P3 and ported coated amb going now and it’s a hell of a thump, especially with a red Danmar wood beater.

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Aug 6, 2018
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Tulsa, Ok. USA
I tighten mine up to where my lightest touch I can do has a bit of high mid presence. Then the resonant I fiddle with to where there is more bass coming out the resonant side than on my side. Not positive this is a great idea but that's how I'm doing it. I play rock and roll and Need that bit of mid presence to stay tight, plus I know the guys like to feel that thump out in front of the drum.

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Aug 28, 2020
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I have two 22 inch kicks and I regret not getting a 20 inch kick in there somewhere.

I find myself tightening the batter head a bit (not cranking) because otherwise it's a low, thunderous boom and that's not what I'm really going for when I try to tune it a step down from the 16FT.