How to clean this 2002 cymbal


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Jun 27, 2007
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Picked up these 70’s 2002 15” sound edge hi hats the other day. In great shape except there is some weird spill on the top cymbal.

At first I thought it was gold paint and tried goof off, lacquer thinners and paint stripper but nothing worked.

It looks like it is the removal of the natural aging tarnish on the cymbal and I’ll likely need to polish all of that off.

any ideas on What to use to polish this back to bronze? Would Paiste cymbal cleaner do the trick?

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Feb 11, 2012
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L.A., CA
I use an automotive 'bright metal polish' (I've used Ford previously and currently use the GM variant) for my cleaning and then follow-up with a silicon based polish/protectant (Granitize silicone liquid wax).
For really tarnished cymbals I have used TARNX (so I don't have to rub all day), follwed by a soap/warm water washing, bright metal polish and the wax as I mentioned above.
My preference for these products is that they clean by chemical action, don't contain abrasives, and don't require a ton of rubbing like some other metal cleaners.
I make sure to do the cleaning in a well ventilated area, use gloves and eye protection for safety too! Be mindful of the factory ink stamps (if they are important to you) as they will be removed if you work them over.

You can see my before/after using the above method in this thread: