How to live stream a musical performance.


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Nov 29, 2018
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I'm planning to live stream a performance by my band next Thursday on Facebook. I've never done this before and wonder if any of you might have some experience with this and could help.

We're going to play the gig at a local restaurant that has an outdoor patio. The restaurant is closed for everything except takeout and delivery... so it'll just be us chickens playing. Being outdoors and setting up where we can all maintain our distance from each other, it should work fine with "social distancing." Anyway, our hope is to bring some musical joy into people's homes while they're trapped there. We also would like to set up a "virtual tip jar" in case anyone would want to contribute. Several of these musicians do this for a living and are basically unemployed right now. Gonna make it clear that "we don't expect anything, but here's the link if you want to tip"... that sort of thing.

So, first off... Whats the best way to record this keeping it relatively simple? I think we'll be set up where all vocals and instruments except drums will be mic'd and going out through speakers for the "audience" with a monitor set up for us to hear each other too. I'm thinking maybe just a good stereo mic plugged into an iPhone? What do you think? And if so, what kind of mic would you recommend?

I've never streamed anything on Facebook before. Most of the time that I've seen things streamed (music), it's sounded very distorted and hard to listen to. We don't want to do it if it's going to sound like that. Where's a millennial when you need them? lol Any advice and/or experience you guys can share here with regards to setting up an event, promoting it, and streaming it on Facebook would be most appreciated!