I have a question for td30 users please regarding headphones.


Jul 21, 2022
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west sussex
Ref using the Headphones , this is really causing me some frustration , i would like to run two sets of headphones from the td30 module without loosing too much sound quality and volume , i have plugged into the module a splitter but its not trs and it seems to half the sound quality in one on my headphones . I am using a Audio-Technica M40x in one connection and this head phone sounds good but as soon as i put a BAYARDYNAMIC dt770 pro 80 ohm into the other connection on the splitter it reduces in volume and sounds really distorted in the bass when the bass drum is hit! , so could this be a problem down to different types of frequencies in the headphones? or will it be worth me trying (see pic) a trs splitter as in the picture, i have also tried getting a Behringer headphone amp but i dont know if i had a faulty one as when hitting the base drum the distortion was real bad in the phones , if any one who's quite technical can help i would really appreciate some help here please. Thanks.


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