I need any information on SV 28 IND MARCHING DRUMS


Dec 6, 2010
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i just purchased some very unusual marching drums from a pawn shop in Dayton Ohio. The pawn owner would not disclose the estate that he bought them from, but hinted that they were from a drum corps.

The drums are around 12X15"dia Bright nickel plating over rolled brass shells. 10-24 threads, but like older Lyon and Healy double tension new departure drums or some of the early Boston makers (Dodge, Nokes) with a hex drive turnbuckle type rods (left hand thread on one side, right hand thread on the other. The threaded hooks and cast center tension casings are very similar to tensioning systems made in the early 1900's. However the center casting (which is soldered to the shells!) accepts these rods from both directions, which in effect creates independent tuning of the top and bottom heads. The Counterhoops are bent hardwood (probably maple) and painted black. There is a strainer (no quick throwoff) with a fancy knurled knob and the snares (some are gut, some are variations of simulated gut) are threaded through a multi-slotted gate (like Dresdner Drums). Another unique and unusual feature is a cast (aluminum) strap hook in which 28 SV IND is cast and screwed to the wooden hoops with 4 small screws. Inside the drums are stenciled SV 28 and and then each has a hand painted number (no.1, no. 2 , etc) Calfskin heads. Remo 15" heads sort of work but are slightly oversized.

My guess is that these might have been made in India but in the early part of the 20th Century. The shells are similar to British made metal drums. perhaps an early rod tensioned version of a British Military Drum???
That could also explain the imperial threads and european style features. Another possibility maybe Canadian.

Not sure how or why they would have made it to the USA or who actually fabricated them. They are most certainly pre 30's and definitely seem to have a WW1 vibe.

I've got 4 pieces and know of 2 other examples that came from the same pawn shop. Other than that, I can't find any info at all. I can attach pics later for those that can't follow my description.

Any info or similarly built drums would be greatly appreciated!!!