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Jul 26, 2007
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The Great Black Swamp
I went to Sweetwater in Ft. Wayne today to look for a decent overdrive pedal for my new amp and went to the drum room in the new retail facility first (naturally). Sitting there was the beautiful 13/16/24 kit with matching 6.5x14 snare from the video. I haven't played acoustic drums for a while now due to my hearing issues, but fortunately I had brought along some foam ear plugs in anticipation of trying pedals out while guitarists were playing at blitzkrieg volume levels (which they did, naturally).
So, in went the plugs and I sat down at the kit. First impression: Ludwig fanboy that I am, the snare drum was amazing. Just a beautiful, woody crack when I laid into it and a lot of sensitivity. Buzz rolls were easy to play smoothly and ghosted notes had great clarity. The bass drum sounded great too, although PS3's are not my cup of tea. The rack and floor toms also sounded great, and I'm not a fan of clear Ambassadors generally. I would love to hear those toms with my preferred Coated Vintage Emperors over Coated Ambassadors. Overall, a beautiful looking and sounding kit. But the snare drum...I've never played many Classic Maple Snares; I owned a six ply Classic 3x13 that was a great little snare albeit kind of a one trick pony. The nine ply Classic Maple is another animal altogether. I've owned various Supraphonic 400's and 402's along with a 6.5x14 Black Beauty, and this snare can hang with any of them. The hardware was the Atlas Standard line---great bass drum pedal, the stands are cool looking and seem to be well engineered. Not a big fan of the hi-hat stand---too much footboard angle regardless of what I did.
Sweetwater has this setup with snare but without hardware for $1999, and if I hadn't just dropped about a grand on an amp, pedal and a solid top Epiphone EJ 200 I would seriously be considering selling at least one of my kits and getting it. Must...be...strong!!!

Mo Tonkie

That is a beautiful kit and they did an excellent video of it. Makes me want one. Seems like a decent price with the free snare drum.


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Jun 12, 2010
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Sweetwater has Nick D. - what a catch - great musician (and not just a drummer).