Ideas or Advice on Orphan Rogers B&B/Holiday era?


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Jan 18, 2017
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oakland ca
Over the last 9 months or so I picked up some Rogers shells, and am wondering if anyone has ideas or advice on finishing/building them out. Player's Kit territory for sure - I like the way they sound so far, love the vibe, and want to finish them, but I'm not going for historical restoration here.


More trying to get them looking good and playable on a budget. Right now thinking either:

1. Natural wood finish to match the 16 x 16, like a lighter mahogany sort of color.
2. Vintage wrap along the lines of a green sparkle or blue white pearl or mardi gras

I also really like the egg shell blue with natural wood hoops thing that's trendy right now, but I don't think could pull that off on these (can't find a wrap that color, not sure it would look good as a wrap, anyway).

The lugs are the big issue, tho. See below. Wondering if redoing them with single screw lugs is easiest way, but I worry about strength & shell stress?

I have a 20 kick, 12 & 13 tom, 16 ft. I'd like to wind up with a 3 piece, with the 13 likely sitting out.

20 X 14 and 12 X 8 from the Bread and Butter lug era. Unfinished.
Kick has one head's worth of lugs, tom has all lugs. These lugs are notoriously crack-prone, and at least 4 or 5 of the 20 lugs I have already have issues.

Problem is, the lug spacing on the kick won't accommodate any of Rogers' later Beavertail lugs. I know bc I mistakenly bought some beavertail bass drum lugs and they almost but don't quite fit.

16 x 16 from the Holiday era. Finished with a brown oil of some sort, has kind of a nice look with the contrasting blonde wood hoops. Complete, was quasi-converted into a kick drum (actually a fun kick for different sound!). Has all lugs, rods, and two wood hoops. Has 2 of 3 original brackets, so would need the 3rd to be used with FT legs.

13 x 8 from the Big R era, I think. Maple shell with holes for memorilock tom holder. No lugs, but it accommodates the standard beavertail tom lugs.

I have hoops and tension rods for the 12 and 13- non-original, but that's fine for now. Also have one unfinished maple bass drum hoop and it's easy enough to get a second.

If anyone actually read, thanks! If anyone has thoughts, thanks in advance!


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