Identification of Wfl snare


Oct 21, 2019
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Hi all,

Could you help me to identify a snare? It's a WFL 14x6.5", date stamped jul 25 1955. I think it's a Festival model School concert drum, but i'm not sure.
The snare throw off isn't original, I know. Somebody dropped the snare long before I got it, other than that it seems original. Other than it's been stripped at some point, so its deffinetly a players drum.

The thing is that I have another Wfl snare about the same age that I always use og just bought a Slingerland snare from '59, so this one is not gonna get any playtime at all (I haven't used it for something like 10 years) so I was thinking of moving it, realisticly how much would it be worth? I haven't got a clue. I think I bought of eBay for something like $50 and then got the edges redone.. The other one was in much nicer condition and was like $200. But it seems that prices have gone up and its not like I'm gonna make any real money this summer with cancelled festivals and all.



thin shell

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Sep 15, 2010
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That was the Ray McKinley model which WFL sold with the Buddy Rich model drum kit. At least early on. The Ray Mckinley drum set came with the 5 1/2" Super Classic. The 6 1/2" was sold separately as the Ray McKinley and the 5 1/2" was sold as the Buddy Rich. The drum was renamed to the school festival in the 60's


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Feb 17, 2010
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Los Angeles
Thin shell is right. I have the 60's version '66 School Fest to be exact. A drum I bought in not so great shape that I refinished and put new COB hoops on to try to bring out it's original sound. Had the edges cleaned up which made a huge difference, and kept the original butt and throw off. It now sounds great. The 50's versions might have had thicker re-rings.

Someone will want it as long as the shell isn't compromised. Yours doesn't appear to have the original NOB hoops. The WFL's are harder to come by so maybe $250-300 as is. If all original much more of course.