If Endorsers Reflect the Brand, What Does Animal from the Muppet Show Reflect, Pearl Drums?

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Feb 17, 2015
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North Carolina
Who better to symbolize the role of musicians who sit behind the drums than legendary basher Animal from the Muppets?

Apparently that's the opinion of Pearl Drums, which is collaborating with the street brand, Supreme, on a $4,000 drum set with Animal as the focus of commercials for this rollout.

Isn't this a bit like hiring a notorious drunk to represent your whiskey brand?

Here's some of the publicity from Hypebeast (with video in the link):

The beloved Muppet musician and rockstar himself, Animal, is recruited by Supreme and Pearl Drums to “test out” the Session Studio Drum Kit and provide a brief look at the model’s potential.

“Featuring Pearl’s Masterworks craftsmanship, the kit has been branded in Supreme’s iconic red and white logo which can be found on the bass drum along with the floor, mid and high toms,” we noted in yesterday’s write-up on Supreme’s new drum set. “The set also includes various cymbals, a hi-hat and snare drum … It has also been reported that only 50 to 60 sets have been produced, making it a very limited release.”

You can take a look at Supreme and Animal of The Muppet’s new promotional vignette for the Supreme and Pearl Drums’ collaborative Session Studio Drum Kit below. The item itself is scheduled to hit physical locations and the official Supreme website on June 6. The Session Studio Drum Kit will carry a price-tag of $3,998 USD.




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Sep 19, 2005
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About time some company snagged him as an endorser. He's been influencing future drummers since the 70s.