Info on DW Buddy Rich Commemorative set 2006

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Nov 17, 2016
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From what I’ve read, when Selmer bought Ludwig (4 Nov ‘81) they also bought BR’s contract as part of the package. Selmer wanted to equip the band - woodwinds, brass and drums - and, under a new set of terms, not pay BR directly. As far as the BR/Camco connection, a buddy claims he was at Camco one day and spotted a set they had made for BR, a prototype. Why BR didn’t ultimately go with Camco (especially after they had gone to that extent - said buddy has no reason to lie), could be the money wasn’t enough. In ‘60, when BR was leaving Ludwig, he would have gone with Gretsch, I’ve read, but they didn’t pay their endorsees so he went to Rogers, who was prepared to anty up. Once he’d signed, he tried to persuade Joe Morello to make the move from Ludwig but JM (who’d been approached by Gretsch in the mid-50’s before he joined Brubeck) declined. According to JM, he was wined and dined by Rogers who even sent him a Powertone snare. Bottom line, pay-to-play BR didn’t go with DW and instead got McSweeney to find some Radio Kings when, by some accounts, he had a warehouse in NJ full of his former kits.


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Jun 28, 2019
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And to finish the thread, I did find a second 16” floor tom at a reasonable (high) price, bought it, and am playing it. It’s a slightly lighter shade, but not too bad. Here she is...

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I'm glad this thread was revived so I can say what a beautiful kit this is! Great story as well. And kudos to your patience in finding that second FT and not whining about the price! You bought it because you needed it and wanted it, price be damned, close the deal! It was worth whatever you paid.

Good stuff!
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