ISO Mapex Armory studio ease emerald burst


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Jan 8, 2019
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Mendocino County
So I'm driving from Portland to Nashville to reunite with the old band and make a demo. My Mapex Armory got lifted from me and I'd really like to replace it. My plan was to buy one in Nashville but when calling ahead, I am not having such luck. Wondering if anyone here either has one to sell or know of a place I can pick one up along the way? I wish I thought of this earlier. I've made it as far as Utah. If someone has a lead, would you mind calling me? Driving so won't be able to watch this thread continuously but will be very excited to hear back so I'll try and check as often as possible. Thanks in advance!

Btw my favorite thing about these drums is the shells are a little more shallow than your typical tom so the sustain is shorter. May be into suggestions that are very close to the armory sound.

And yes, green is a must. Preferably green and black :)