Issues with Ludwig Atlas Mounts - anyone else?

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Sep 15, 2010
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IMO you are completely over thinking this. Do you play the drum sitting on the floor or whatever surface you have it sitting on when you tune it or do you playing mounted to a stand? Tune it off the stand and then recheck the tuning once it is mounted. Problem solved.

The Atlas mounts and the similar Indie lug mounts are not suspension mounts like RIMS. They are Isolation mounts. With a Suspension mount you are suspending the drum from the hoop. With an an Isolation mount you are suspending the drum by the shell. The only difference is that the Atlas has rubber isolation sleeves to allow the drum to bounce and vibrate more freely than a mount bolted to the shell. The Indie mounts are U shaped and are springy enough to accomplish the same thing with much less mass and with a much simpler design. Think about a musical triangle. They are suspended by a string that allows it to move freely. If they were mounted with a clamp directly on the triangle it would not vibrate very well if at all. Same principle as the Atlas and Indie mounts.

It stands to reason if the shell is flexible enough then a mount at the lug location will distort the shell slightly and affect the tuning slightly which can easily be fixed by checking the tuning once it is on the stand. If you don't want to have any issues with tuning then get the Indie shell mounts that don't replace the lugs. That will put the distortion on the shell somewhere other than a lug.

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