Istanbul Mehmet Dark Origin 15" hihats


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Dec 13, 2018
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I've had these for a little over a year - bought them new. They're in good shape (see photos).
I have a pair of 15" K light hi-hats, and I can't really justify keeping both.
Weights are: c. 1080g top; c. 1342g bottom.
IMG_5890.JPG IMG_5891.JPG IMG_5887.JPG IMG_5888.JPG IMG_5889.JPG
Asking $200 plus shipping for the pair.

No processing in the video below, just a couple hi-pass filters - hihat mic is pretty low in the mix. Own these exact cymbals :)

Possibly open to a trade. Have got a Paiste Masters Swish on the brain, so not sure what trades might tempt me, but open to consider cymbals from most brands (swishes and knockers especially, but maybe also larger thin chrashes).