James Gang's Jimmy Fox Recalls Opening for Ginger Baker


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May 20, 2016
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You'd think someone like Charlie Watts would understand the futility of describing someone as the best drummer, or better than someone else. Baker and Bonham come from the same musical generation and that's where their similarities end. Baker couldn't keep up with Zeppelin and Bonham would ruin Cream. The fact anyone's trying to argue why one is better or more accomplished or more intelligent or more talented than the other is mind boggling.

I expect it from Ginger because he's a lunatic, but everyone else should know better by now. Especially their contemporaries.

Ginger plays with f****in' balls, but not the right kind for Zeppelin. Imagine him trying to play the Wanton Song and giving the song even half the attitude it does with Bonham. And on the other hand, try to imagine I Feel Free with Bonham. The bounce, the lightness, that lilting groove, it would have none of that.

They're in a very, very select group of drummers and their legacy isn't a competition, but a statement of fact: they changed pop music forever, and they did it from the drum throne. We should all be glad for the opportunity to experience their unique contributions.
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