John Siomos & His Dark Green Ludwigs


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Aug 5, 2005
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Santa Rosa, CA.
Thanks for the update on John’s kit! I will do an update on the snare drum I have of John’s when I get it back from my drum repair guy!


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May 14, 2011
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Hi all,
I know this is an old thread but for the sake of consistency I wanted to post here to keep the story going.
As a few of you may already know, John Siomos' 1970's green Ludwig kit is currently on the Peter Frampton tour that just started. This is Peter's final tour, as he was recently diagnosed with a rare degenerative muscular disease and wanted to finish while he's still at the top of his game. Since this is the final tour, he has brought out John's original green lacquer Ludwig kit to play select songs. Peter's current drummer, Dan Wojciechowski recently did an update in Modern Drummer detailing this.
I have provided John's ride and crash cymbals that I obtained several years ago, which consist of a 22" 60's A. Zildjian ride and a 15" Super Zyn crash. Peter contacted me earlier this month because he wanted to use them, and they are now in his hands (actually Dan's drum tech's hands). The bad news is the ride cymbal has a crack in the bell put there while owned by John...and it has affected the sound. They might use it in a couple of the more special shows during the tour. I have talked to Dan many times and got the following details on the original kit: The sizes were 10" concert tom, 12" and 13" mounted tom, 16" floor tom, and a 24" bass drum. For the current tour, they have brought out the 24-16-12 and they have RIMS type mounts on the two toms. As mentioned several years ago in this thread, the kit was sold with the original cases on eBay circa year 2000. As to whether John sold them himself or through a broker I do not know. Peter eventually ended up with them. By the 2000's the finish was in poor shape, and at some point in time the drums were refinished. Dan indicated he thought they were refinished before Peter obtained them. The drums were re-lacquered in the same green color as they were originally.
I plan to meet up with him when he comes to Kansas City in August and can provide more of an update then. That's all I really know at this point.
Here are two photos sent to me by Dan showing the kit with the ride cymbal.
So the finish is a lacquer, not a wrap then. Interesting.

BJ Wilson had a Ludwig kit done in the same fashion. It was originally a mahogany lacquer, then a few years later he stripped it and had it re-lacquered bright red. Then again later had it re-lacquered for the final time, in piano black.

Wonder if the kit was originally a Thermogloss Maple before it was painted green by any chance? Things to wonder...