Just wanted to post a pic of my dog.....


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Dec 15, 2014
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It's an I'll tear that whiney daschund's hiney updog. When my wife's dog moved in, along with her - she let him know who's house it was, and he never ever forgot the lesson. Even years later when she had finally decided to try to be his friend he was terrified of her.


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Aug 4, 2005
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Oklur Homer
What are YOU lookin' at??

Do I look familiar to you?

SN852260 (2).JPG

"Yo, 'sup - Name's BooBoo"

Although I may look harmless & adorable in the first pic my daddy shared in post #7........ things have changed. Understood?

That was then and this is now. Ya hear me??
That previous photo was taken a year ago and I'm a big boy now, you got that??

So let's get a few things straight right now, mister.

I'm only going to say this once. So listen up.

I guard my territory here very seriously. understood??

NOBODY sets foot in this yard without going thru ME. FIRST.
you got that??

So if I catch any of you's near my turf, I'll be taking action by growling, snarling, barking & yapping incessantly and trust me - there. will. be hell. to. pay. Got it??

You better believe it, buckaroos.

And another thing.

If any of you's step in my yard uninvited? I'll kill ya.

If any of you's touch my stuff? I'll kill ya.

...and another thing.

I may only stand 11 inches tall - but I've schooled plenty of bigger dogs and trespassers to fear my wrath, trust me!
You DON'T want to go there. Capice??

Now run along, Dutch.
You'd best get to steppin' RIGHT NOW!
That's right, I said SCRAM!

Consider yourself warned...and I better not see you around here again, capice??

Don't push me unless you want some-a-this!! GRRRR

...and another thing

I've got my eye on you -YOU GOT THAT?????

SN852271 (3).JPG
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