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I suspect that is a weight reporting error. Looking specifically at 16" cymbals from the Intermediate production era they range from 1151g to 1490g (n=17) making 887g unlikley. Not impossible but unlikely. The lightest 16" old K out of 70 of these (all eras) I've got weights for is 887g. The same pattern is generally true for 15" although the there are two below 800g (out of 90 cymbals).

As far as expected prices goes it is $250 with half selling for between $180 and $320 (n=10 completed sales 16" Intermediate stamp). A 15" in good condition weighing a svelte 626g was sold for $225 back in Nov 2015, but it had the added complication of having 10 rivet holes. Prices are quite variable which is why you need a lot of data recording to get a big enough sample to see price patterns. So the sticker price of $249 is in line with historical pricing (for those who didn't click on the photos that's where the price is hidden).


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Mar 8, 2006
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Thinnest Intermediate 16 I had right around 1000g.
634 would be awesome but as Zen mentioned probably a misprint or miscalculation. Price is good. These make excellent crash cymbals , typically deep dark and full with a nice sounding bell.
Looks like Guitar Center or Sam Ash label ?

Offer 200

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Jan 8, 2019
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I need it like I need another hole in the head. I’m mostly interested for the age/vintage factor.
If it's not going to cause stress financially, I'd grab it. Cymbals don't take much room, and if it's something you want, why not?

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