KAT Percussion KAT 2 Drum Amp


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Jul 26, 2007
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The Great Black Swamp
Up for sale is a KAT 2 digital drum amp. This is 200 watts, 12 inch speaker and 1" tweeter with three way EQ and a presence channel for sculpting the sound further. Two channels with quarter inch jack inputs along with an AUX out input. XLR input for direct feed. I used this at church with my hybrid e-kit until we went all direct along with personal monitor setups and ditched our amplifiers. I typically ran it at two on the volume setting as our onstage volume is pretty low, but this thing is capable of being extremely loud considering its wattage. Vast improvement over the Simmons amp. It also makes a decent bass practice amp at low to mid volumes, especially if you remember that the speaker is a 12 and not a 15. $200 OBO plus shipping, continental US only. These go new for $379, and this is in like new condition.