Kinda OT but relevant. Fed Ex rant


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Sep 6, 2005
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We box all our own stuff at my business and file claims with UPS on occasion. Never had a problem getting the claim paid. Would be nice if we didn't have to file claims in the first place though...

The thing that grates me is the address correction charges and the "dimension audit." Word to the wise: avoid shipping to a school address - they are always wacky.


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Nov 11, 2018
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jefferson county Missouri
I'm sure UPS will follow with the exact same increase. Always seems like collusion to me.

Most likely fuel cost rising
Vehicle price rising
Maintenance rising
Lack of workers make employees more expensive
Health insurance costs rising

And as a publicly traded company I look at their quarterlies

Check out there operating expense
Going up

The cost of doing business is rocketing up
Costs that they can’t just eat

Competitive industries can’t just indiscriminately raise prices because they want. Ups uspo fedex battle fiercely for our business at our work
Their sales agents visit our office constantly
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Aug 12, 2018
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I would like for one person to be able to explain the logic of this…..

I have a shipment arriving tomorrow. It doesn’t require a signature. Fed Ex will leave it at my door without seeing a soul. But I cannot have it held at a secure Fed Ex location because of a shipper restriction they can’t explain to me.

So I’m going to be gone tomorrow. No one will be home…. in a really busy apartment building where stuff gets set in a very publicly accessible lobby. If I cannot get the shipper to call Fed Ex, I cannot do anything…. Not even a vacation hold on delivery.

What am I missing? How is Fed Ex protecting the customers or themselves here?
They aren't trying to protect anyone. That's the shippers fault (not FedEx) since they are the ones that place the restriction. I know it makes no sense. You have more protection picking it up at FedEx office/UPS store but I guess they haven't figured that out.
Musicians Friend does this and if I recall, Sweetwater does as well. What you can do next time is put the FedEx office location as the delivery address. At least with Sweetwater you can do this. I called my sales guy and he put my closest FedEx office as my default shipping address. All they do is put C/O with your name. It works!
This has nothing to do with fuel & cost savings etc.. at least not if it gets routed to a store thats in your vicinity. The package still goes out for delivery in your area from the same distribution point. Maybe some people try to route to a store thats far away? That might be why the restriction exists. FedEx doesn't charge for rerouting if it has no restriction but UPS does. UPS has a charge for a single delivery or a yearly subscription. I receive so much crap that I signed up for the yearly subscription. It's like $20 a year. Worth it and convenient for me and they automatically route any delivery I have to the UPS store without me having to ask for it every time. Of course though it only works for those shipments that have no restriction.
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Aug 6, 2008
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Getting to visit a Greyhound bus terminal is a special bonus.
Yup, if you've ever spending the night in or around one of those places ,sleep with one eye open .
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