Fly navy

Feb 26, 2019
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RARE Legend drum kit in the beautiful Honey Amber lacquer finish.
14x18 VIRGIN Bass drum 8x8 and 8x10 mounted toms 14x14 floor tom 5x14 snare with factory die cast hoops
This would be an outstanding jazz/be-bop kit. It is a players kit, so it has some nicks and bumps and scratches. I disassembled the kit and meticulously cleaned it.....hardware is in beautiful condition, shells are in perfect round, bearing edges are straight and true with no flaws. All drums have the factory paper tags still inside the shells, indicating "born" dates in FEB and MAR of 1996. I put new Remo coated Ambassadors on batter side of toms and snare. As you can see......this is a beautiful kit of drums! Only hardware included is the FT legs and two mounted tom mounts. These are rare and beautiful high end drums that are hard to find.....especially in these sizes with a virgin BD..
$675 OBRO. Might consider trades for Zildjian K, K Con, and old A, or Sabian Evolution , legacy cymbals.......but trades would have to be WAY in my favor, as I prefer to sell for cash.
I am in the Atlanta, GA area. Shipping would likely be very cost prohibitive, but if you insist.......it's on your dime.