Locking hihat nuts: I think I have figured it out!


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Mar 12, 2014
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Or one of these:
The problem with every one of these quick-release bottom nuts I've tried is their up/down jiggle, and "clicking" feel and/or sound. Even the flagship Yamaha hi-hat stand I tried which was not a quick-release bottom nut had this problem. Perhaps most drummer's are not as sensitive to the precise hi-hat feel, but that experience was all a no-go for me.

My favorite stock clutch is Sonor's integrated top/bottom. The bottom piece has a hex hole, which automatically locks with the hex pull-rod. The top piece has a round hole which can adjust the cymbal tightness without removing the clutch the pull-rod. All of this with NO moving/plastic parts. Only problem with their design is that the securing mechanism on the clutch seems to "chew up" the pull-rod quite a bit. But it's worth it to me, for how great the design otherwise is.

My favorite after-market clutch is Gibraltar's SC-4420S. They also have a quick-release version (SC-QTHHC) which I've not tried... maybe it does not have the clicking problem?

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Feb 8, 2016
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I use the Gibraltar quick release clutch (I have one in my cymbal bag too for out of studio usage).

I used the fake Remo before and that one was fine too.