Long overdue shout-out to INDe Drum/Josh.


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Mar 19, 2010
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Melbourne, Australia
Last year, and many moons ago. I bought a lovely 14x6.5 Maple in lovely blue from Josh.

I've sat in with this drum for some time now, and here is what I have to say about it;

What I have to say is, that this snare is just phenomenal. My gawd.... it's a FAT sounding drum but it also has a sweet singing harmonic that really follows the pitch of the drum that you can choose to pull out if you decide you want it, or you can play a little closer to the center and eschew that harmonic beauty if you so desire. It's fairly sensitive too, three aspects which are hard to align all at once in a wood snare imho.,

I'm not super fond of triple flanged hoops prefer straight walled hoops), but on this drum it doesn't even matter. The only thing I added was puresound twisted wires because the room I use it in is really poor acoustically and I wanted something to help clean up the wire rattle (all snare drums wires rattle in this room).

Everyone has really struggled to get good sounding snares in this teaching room, but I've finally achieved it. As a matter of fact.,

This drum has given guys who have heard it, an EXISTENTIAL crisis. My drum teacher is desperate to get his wood snare sounding like this one, even thinking wood hoops will get him closer to 'that sound' (haha what he is trying is all in vain...)

And let's no forget, Josh's drum key is probably the best feeling drum key I've ever used.


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Jun 6, 2012
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Western North Carolina
I couldn't agree more on all of your points except I like triple flange hoops (but then that's all I've ever owned, lol).
I'm using the stock INDe wires which I think are great, but what you posted about those twisted wires is interesting. Anyway, back to the hoops - After playing the drum a while and realizing what a great thing I had, I called Josh back and ordered a COB top hoop which makes the drum sound even more alive if you can believe that's possible.


You are preaching to the choir here . I love my INDe drums , they have relegated some of my more expensive kits to either be sold or in the practice room . I think his drums would be ideal for the Gigging drummer . Regardless of price these are really nice sounding drums that tune up very quickly and sound fantastic and they are lightweight !!